Its Time for a Power Wash

We take our cleansing routine seriously, and we’re not just referring to the products we put on your face. It is time to take your shower experience to a whole other level with our powerhouse must-have and ditch your current hair & body wash and switch things up for a change.

Refresh your morning with this hair and body wash that’s packed with vitamins and ingredients that will give your body a renewal in one product. Outside of this perfect shower bubble, life is constantly changing. Why keep your hair and body wash the same? The Cobalt Power Wash Hair & Body smells fantastic and is ready to replace the usual, old faithful and is just a click away. Step up your shower game and feel the difference with these quality ingredients. This duo never sacrifices quality or results and gets the job done with so many benefits. Your body is a temple; treat it that way!

You’ll step out of the shower with your hair feeling conditioned, refreshed, and revitalized while your skin feels and look smoother. The packed vitamins strengthen hair, skin, and nails while extracts prevent and treat UV damage. We know change is hard, but once you lather in this goodness, you’ll never look back. Disclaimer: It may be addictive!

Busy days and nights can put stress on the skin, and your face can also use some refreshing. With skin conditioning ingredients, the Invigorate Face Wash is gentle enough to use daily. The wash also exfoliates the skin and tightens to reduce fine lines’ appearance, especially around the eyes. Cobalt lets you keep things simple while taking care of your skin. After you experience the difference and refresh your shower experience, you’ll understand why Cobalt is the go-to men’s personal care product line for the man who always strives to be his personal best. If the ingredients alone didn’t make you feel proud for how well you’re treating yourself with these well-deserved products, remember that 5% of each purchase made online go to the Wounded Warrior Project that helps American veterans live better lives.

If you’re still using the same hair & body wash combo you’ve been using since you can remember, it’s time for a change. The Cobalt Power Wash Hair & Body combo is sure to please and will awaken your senses in the best possible way. Once you step out of the shower and dry off, it’s time for the second half of your skincare routine. Reach for your favorite Cobalt products, and next thing you know, you’re feeling your personal best.


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