The Times They Are A Changin’ In Men’s Skin & Body Care.

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The Times They Are A Changin’ In Men’s Skin & Body Care.

There was a time when the idea of a man so much as thinking about taking care of his skin was frowned upon. Now men – the kind that were once referred to as “real men” – are coming to understand that if you want to be the best man you can be, you have to start with taking care of yourself.

As time marches on at its relentless pace, societal conversations continue to evolve and fortunately one of those conversations includes men not being afraid to want to feel their best – which includes looking their best.

Putting your best face forward is not only about looking your best but being your best too. And that is always best served by having  positive feelings! There’s nothing like that undeniable emotional uplifting feeling that comes with looking in the mirror at yourself after you’ve got yourself ready for an important outing. These feelings of having a positive self-image are then nicely compounded by hearing rave reviews from friends and loved ones.

As the movement to accept one another’s differences thankfully continues to expand, so too is the movement for men to be more able to – and more safely – share their emotions. The desire to become one’s personal best, or be “the best man you can be” now includes going beyond a shave and a haircut for two bits, and is evolving to men becoming more holistic in their approach to their personal development.

It's against this backdrop that the man known for his youthful good looks, great skin and many say “best hair in the business,” – Rob Lowe – created Profile® | Cobalt. His goal was to use his knowledge about maintaining his appearance to help other men do the same.

When he set out on this venture, a few things were paramount. First, he wanted to use natural, toxin-free, yet effective ingredients to create men’s skin and body care products that didn’t skimp on quality and don’t come anywhere near breaking the bank at checkout. Next, he wanted to use his men’s product line as a way to give back. When it came time to decide on which worthy group to donate a percentage of proceeds to, he chose to honor and help the men and women who serve our country by giving back to Wounded Warrior Project.

In his book, Stories I Only Tell My Friends, Rob Lowe shares an incredible collection of anecdotes that leave the reader in awe of his life experiences and moved by the clear fact that everyone – including Rob Lowe– has trials and tribulations.

As he enters this new chapter in his life, Rob continues to wake up every day with the goal of being the best man he can be – which now includes helping other men do the same and leading the evolving conversation about what it really means for men to strive to be their best.

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