Sun Safety This Summer

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Sun Safety This Summer

During the summer months, we get the earliest sunrises and the latest sunsets! This means more time for fun in the sun and a greater need for sun protection! We’re only halfway through summer, fellas, so don't let your guard down just yet. While it's important to use sunscreen every day, it's even more critical during the summer months.

As many of us know, too much time in the sun can cause damage to our skin. When it comes to most skin cancers, many are caused by unprotected and repeated skin exposure to UV rays from the sun. This means cover up! While enjoying your summer days floating around in the pool, beach, or lake, never forget your sunscreen and your hat! While rocking your favorite ballcap is your goto, don’t forget to cover your ears or the sides of your head. If you have a wide-brimmed hat, that’s an even better option for sun protection.

If you are not covered up with a long sleeve, hat, or under an umbrella, sunscreen is a MUST! Aside from preventing skin cancer and sunburn, SPF can help keep you looking younger by preventing sunspots and wrinkles. Cobalt’s face moisturizer has an SPF of 30 has both UVA and UVB protection. Since it's mineral-based and chemical-free, it's great for sensitive skin and the perfect summer option. With SPF's added protection, you can stay outdoors longer and enjoy up to 80 minutes of fun in the sun time without having to reapply. While you are at it and protecting your face, don't skip out on your hands! Aside from slathering up your face and body, many of us overlook the importance of covering our hands.

Remember, you always want to use an SPF of 30 or higher since the sun protection factor makes a difference. The SPF number measures how much protection from UV radiation your product will provide. Many dermatologists recommend using a sunscreen with ingredients such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide to create a physical barrier from UVA and UBA rays. Sunscreens that contain these ingredients are considered to be more effective at preventing skin damage and are known to be the safer choice. Cobalt's face moisturizer with SPF includes both, so it’s a perfect option this summer and all year round when it comes to sun protection.

Next time you're headed out for some sun time, don’t forget to toss your SPF 30 facial sunscreen in your bag. If you are heading out with a cooler loaded with some drinks, a little tip would be to throw your sunscreen in the cooler as well! It’s a refreshing way to maintain the integrity of the product's key ingredients and feels great on a hot day. Every time you open the cooler for a cold drink, you'll also be reminded how important it is to protect your skin from harmful rays and that it's a good time to reapply!

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