Skincare Concerns You Can Prevent This Summer

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Skincare Concerns You Can Prevent This Summer

Everyone loves summer days filled with fun in the sun. With summer approaching, many of us are planning to be outside more often, if we're not already. But, eventually, all the time spent soaking up the warmth and summer rays will take a toll on our skin. The effects of the sun can cause various skin problems, and that's when fun in the sun starts becoming less exciting and more concerning.

Let's go over some summer skincare issues and ways to fix them so we can keep the smiles on our faces and the problems at a minimum. We’ve got you covered!


Breakouts and acne can be a Debbie downer all year, but blemishes seem to come out to play more often in the summer months. During the summer months, when we find ourselves spending more time outside, we also notice more sweating. The sweat mixes with bacteria and oils on our skin, leaving us with clogged pores and more chances of breaking out. We also touch our faces with dirty hands, not even realizing we're wiping sweat away with our hands that probably aren’t as clean as we think, causing the bacteria to transfer to our face.


If you find yourself sweating a lot, be sure to blot your skin with a clean towel or cloth. Blot don’t wipe. Wiping your skin can cause further irritation, which can lead you right to a breakout. Staying in sweaty clothing can also cause acne on your body and face. For example, if you wear a hat and sweat in it, be sure to wash it before you wear it again. The same goes for headbands. Also, wash your hands and wash them often to prevent the transfer of bacteria directly to your open pores. Its the perfect time to breakout your Acne Control Face Wash to help prevent blemishes this summer. 


Spending one full day in the sun can easily cause sunburn. Not only will it be painful, but it will also ruin the days that follow and spoil the plans you had outdoors, plus cause a great deal of damage to your skin. Sunburn is probably the most common issue and skin condition, so please seek shade when possible and always apply SPF.


The goal is to not get a sunburn in the first place, but hey, we know it happens. To prevent sunburn, apply SPF at least 15 minutes before sun exposure. Make it a habit every time you go outside. And reapply every two hours! If it's too late, help soothe sunburn with aloe vera gel to the sunburnt areas. Not only will it help with the burning sensation, but it will also speed up recovery. The Power Wash Hair & Body contains aloe vera, and green tea extract is just the thing you need before you apply your moisturizer and aloe vera gel.

Dry Skin

Don’t be fooled! Dry skin is entirely possible in the summer.  Not only does dry skin affect us in the winter during colder months, but it's still a skincare concern in the summer. Have you ever spent a day in the sun and notice how tight your face feels at the end of the day? This is because the sun wicks away moisture on our skin, making it feel dry and brittle.


After a day in the sun, you likely feel the need to slap on some extra moisturizer to keep your skin feeling hydrated and not so tight. The sun takes a significant toll on our skin and dries it out. So when you shower after a day in the sun, blot yourself dry and apply a good amount of moisturizer. You’ll be helping your skin lock in moisture and counteract the effects of the sun and your dry skin. A perfect 2 in 1 is our Face Moisturizer with SPF 30. It’s the perfect combo for hydration and protection for your skin.

Be prepared this summer and enjoy every second of being outdoors! Avoid skin concerns such as acne, sunburn, and dry skin by being ready with your face wash, moisturizer, and sunscreen!

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