Should You Be Washing Your Face With Cold Water?

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Should You Be Washing Your Face With Cold Water?

If you care about your skin as much as we do, you probably have your skincare routine down to a science. You start by washing your face and then follow up with your skincare products and the next steps. You start by running the water and prepare to wash your face. Have you ever stopped to think about the temperature of the water? Should it be warmer, or should it be on the colder side? Surprisingly, there is an ideal temperature, and it affects the health of your skin.

I know many of us love running a hot bath or standing in the shower while the steam fills the bathroom. While it feels great at the time, the hot water isn't the best for our skin. Hot water is known to strip the skin barrier, which can cause your skin to dry out. Your natural oils get wiped from the surface and cause your body to compensate by producing an excess. The result; clogged pores.

Coldwater, on the other hand, has a different effect. Some people jump into a freezing cold shower to give them a big wake-up call in the morning. Not only will it jolt you awake, but cold water may also help your skin look more youthful. Coldwater can help with facial puffiness and gives your face a refreshed look. Coldwater also shrinks your pores and tightens them from being exposed to dirt and bacteria. It might sound like cold water is the way to go, but too much a good thing applies in this case too.

So what temperature should you be using to wash your face? The answer lies in the middle. Literally. When it comes to the right temperature for a healthy face wash, lukewarm water is the answer. You need warm water to open your pores, cleanse them of oils and dirt, and activate your face cleanser properly. Not overly hot, not freezing. A nice face wash with lukewarm water is the perfect water temperature when it comes to a healthy skincare routine.

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