Protect Your Skin During Winter Activities

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Protect Your Skin During Winter Activities

Winter is upon us, and it's now time for winter activities and sports. If we plan to spend more time outdoors for these activities, it's important we protect our skin, not just bundle up.

To protect our skin from the elements, there are a few tips we recommend.

- Take a shower before going outside. This removes any residue from the day and gets you fresh.
- Use a facial cleanser that has an SPF. This helps eliminate two birds with one stone - cleansing and protecting your skin from UV damage.
- Use a moisturizer that has an SPF. This acts as a shield from the harsh elements and cold weather outside.
- Wear sunglasses, not just to protect your eyes from the sun, but to shield your face from wind and cold as well.
- When going outside, wear a scarf or ski mask to shield your face from the elements.
- If you go snowboarding, wear a helmet and closed-toe shoes. This protects not only your head and toes but your face as well.
- When you come inside, take a shower and moisturize to get rid of any salt and dirt that may have come into contact with your skin.

That's it! Protecting our skin is just as important during winter as it is during summer. It's good to get in the habit of protecting our skin from harsh winter elements and any other activities we may enjoy. Just remember - moisturize and use an SPF!

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