Keep Your Friends Close and Your Moisturizer Closer

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Keep Your Friends Close and Your Moisturizer Closer

Cobalt skincare is the no-brainer, doable routine to keep your skin in the game and keep it hydrated and healthy. As we transition into the colder months it's important we remember to keep our friends close but keep our moisturizer closer! Literally, on your bathroom counter so you never forget it.

Moisturized skin is so important for a healthy overall complexion. If you've heard Rob talk about skincare, you know the importance of washing your face and moisturizing. The cold, possibly windy months, depending on where you live can cause some damage to your skin but Cobalt is your partner this season and all year round.

The Recharge Face Moisturizer is Loaded with cutting-edge ingredients and potent antioxidants and is self-care in a tube. Below is a breakdown of the ingredients to explain how helpful the product is and how important it is to incorporate.

Aloe Vera: Heals skin cells & improves the appearance of damaged skin

Red Dulse Algae: Diminishes age spots, normalizes oil production, reduces inflammation, and is high in Vitamin C

Milk Thistle: Reduces inflammation, Antioxidant

Lactic Acid: Stimulates collagen (connective tissue under the skin), firms skin, and fades sun/age spots

Shea Butter: Conditions tones and soothes skin, heals scars, and protects skin cells

By keeping your skin hydrated, you'll be able to avoid the negatives that come with the colder months. Those side effects being, cold weather with a side of dry, irritated, and cracked skin. By applying moisturizer twice daily or as needed, you'll be able to keep your skin in the game all winter. Make Cobalt your best friend this season and ensure you're skin is at its best.

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