Ingredients To Calm Down Stressed Out Skin

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Ingredients To Calm Down Stressed Out Skin

The holidays are upon us- Oh, what fun! However, many of us can agree that with our happy moments and family gatherings comes a side dish of stress. Maybe you're cooking for your entire family, or you're traveling to meet your significant other's family for the first time and are experiencing a change of weather; whatever it may be, your skin may be stressed.

Luckily, some ingredients are known to calm stressed-out skin.

Tea tree oil is one of these ingredients! We've all heard the tales and benefits of tea tree oil for hair, acne, aromatherapy, cleaning, and the list goes on. But what some of you may not know is that tea tree oil can be topically applied to calm stressed-out skin.

Another ingredient known to calm stressed skin is lavender.
Ah, lavender. The well-known calming scent for baths and aromatherapy. But did you know there are soothing skin benefits that come with lavender? Lavender extract is rich in antibacterial properties. Also, research has shown that topical applications of lavender oil can reduce oxidative stress in the skin. Lavender oil is also known to be sedative and calming.

Another ingredient known to calm stressed skin is aloe vera. Many of us know that aloe vera is a natural moisturizing ingredient, but did you also know that it has anti-inflammatory properties? Aloe vera is also known to help reduce redness, making it perfect for irritated skin.

As the holidays roll around, make sure you're prepared for the hectic but exciting and fun days and if your skin is overly stressed, try one of these suggestions to help calm the irritations.

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