In-Flight Skincare Tips

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In-Flight Skincare Tips

When it's vacation time, and you touch down at your destination, you want to be looking your best. The prep before the flight was already exhausting, but you don't want to arrive looking overly tired! Airplane travel can catch up to us, and our skin pays the toll for the long travel day! What exactly is it that causes our skin and complexion to be off? A few things...

Being in the air above 36,000 feet causes our skin to react negatively. The in-flight air conditioning can make your skin dry and irritated, and noticeably dehydrated. You make a quick stop to the restroom after the flight and notice your face looks puffy as well; dehydrated skin is to blame.

In-flight measures to keep your skin looking its best:

    1. Drink up!

Drink up, and we don't mean grab an alcoholic beverage as soon as you get seated. The most important thing you can do to keep your skin hydrated is to drink lots of water in flight. If you want to do everything possible to keep your skin looking hydrated, frequent flyers suggest drinking two liters of water not only during the flight but pre and post too! That way, your body is fully hydrated.

We're not saying skip the alcohol but stay away from alcoholic beverages, coffee and soda if you can resist to keep your skin from drying out as much as possible.

The air on a plane is dry. When our skin is comfortable, humidity is between 40 to 70 percent. On a plane, the pressurized cabins only feature about 20 percent humidity. To counteract the loss of humidity, the rule of thumb is one cup of water for every hour in the sky because of the dry air. The Profile Yeti Water Bottle will hold over 3 hour's worth of needed water for a flight to keep you fresh-faced.

     2. Moisturize!

In your carry-on bag, you'll want to pack your Recharge Face Moisturizer. At 2.5oz, it's carry-on approved and is ready to hydrate, replenish and refuel your skin! Red dulse algae in the moisturizer reduces inflammation, and velvety shea butter conditions your skin for overall skin health. It's the perfect in-flight self-care in a tube.

If you suffer from oily skin, you'll want to reapply during the flight.

    3. Revive Tired Eyes

The skin around our eyes quickly shows the havoc a long-haul flight has taken on us. Fluid fills the skin tissue near our eyes, making it appear puffy and isn't the best look for vacation pictures! You want your eyes to look as refreshed as possible. When you apply your moisturizer to your face, dab some under your eyes. Hydrating and nourishing your eye area with cutting-edge ingredients and potent antioxidants is just what your eyes need to be revived.

     4. Rest Up!

It may be hard to get comfortable on a flight, but nothing beats beauty sleep. If you want your skin to look fresh and well-rested during arrival, try to get comfy and fall asleep onboard. Try headphones to cancel out any noise in the background or an eye mask to help you drift off into REM sleep. Of course, a good night's rest the night before your trip doesn't hurt!

These simple steps will have you arriving at your destination looking your best. If you're traveling with a group of friends, let them in on your inflight secrets, so everyone can put their best rested, hydrated face forward!

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