How To Prevent Facial Scarring

How To Prevent Facial Scarring

As if acne isn't stressful enough, dealing with post scarring can be a nightmare! The scars left behind seem permanent and never fading. Scars can cause a great deal of distress for those dealing with them and can even affect your daily interactions. Good news, though! When it comes to facial scarring, prevention is your best friend! In the end, the visibility of a scar depends on how well the pimple or wound was healed. The key is prevention to ensure the minor marks that pop up are nothing more than a memory you never wish to relive… especially the ones that come at the worst time and leave an uninvited mark on your face!


Typically, most facial scars come from acne. The first thought you might have when you see a pimple forming is to attempt to pop it and pick at it. Do not pick! I repeat, Do. Not. Pick. When you have a breakout, it's best to leave the pimple alone and don't pop, pick or squeeze at it. The only thing that comes from picking is irritated skin and possibly permanent scarring. Many times healing pimples can form a scab to protect and help heal the acne. Even though scabs might be an eyesore, leave them alone. Picking pimples and scabs can actually delay the healing process and increase your chances of scarring. When a popped pimple was unavoidable, make sure you disinfect it properly with some antibacterial agent that won't dry out your skin, and remember that this is not the time to use an exfoliator. Instead, opt for a gentle face wash


If you care for your skin, you likely have a moisturizer to hydrate. Keeping skin hydrated is the most important thing when it comes to healthy healing of the skin. Those scars you can't help but pick at are caused by dry skin, and those scabs are usually a reason for the spots left behind. The key is keeping the wound moist with a moisturizer or ointment. Our Recharge Face Moisturizer is loaded with cutting-edge ingredients and potent antioxidants, plus a velvety shea butter that conditions and tones for overall skin health. Be sure to reapply moisturizer as needed to provide the proper hydration required.

Follow up and Protect

Even after your pimple has healed, keep up the prevention process and keep moisturizing regularly. When you're exposed to the sun, be sure to cover your marks with an SPF 30 or higher to prevent any further discoloration. Our SPF 30 Moisturizer helps protect your skin and contains Aloe Vera that helps heal damaged skin.

One thing to remember is that acne scars improve over time without treatment but prepping for them the right way is key to avoiding a longer-lasting hangout and even possibly the scar from happening in the first place. Cobalt is here to keep your skin hydrated and protected.


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