How Quickly Does a New Skincare Routine Start Working?

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How Quickly Does a New Skincare Routine Start Working?

You look in the mirror and notice a few new wrinkles you're positive showed up overnight. You quickly grab your phone and search for solutions and products to help reduce the appearance of these newly found lines. Thankfully, Profile skincare is developed specifically for men and is ready to help you keep your skin in the game.

But how quickly does a new skincare routine start working?
Typically, it should take around 28 days for the skin to start showing signs of improvement. This is because it can take up to four weeks for the skin to renew itself.

It's important to remember that the first month of using a new skincare regimen can be difficult on your skin. Your skin may appear to be absorbing the product or not working at all after a couple of weeks. It could take up to 28 days for your skin to adapt and begin showing signs of improvement. You can't expect miracles overnight, so be patient.

If your skin gets worse, don't panic. When starting a new skincare routine, your skin may react, and your skin may purge before it clears back up. Everyone's skin is different, so don't assume the product isn't working.

If you are looking for ways to take care of your skin, shop either of our PROFILE lines to create a complete skincare routine. Our experts have developed a skincare system made just for men to keep you looking your best. And remember, each purchase gives back to the Wounded Warrior Project!

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