How Does The Winter Affect Your Skin?

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How Does The Winter Affect Your Skin?

The seasons are changing, and winter is almost here! As the temperatures drop and the weather changes, you may notice some changes in your skin. How exactly does winter affect your skin?

Winter irritates your skin.
During winter, dry air can cause a buildup of dead skin cells on the skin's surface. This makes the skin look dull.

Winter dehydrates your skin.
The dry air can also cause your skin to become dehydrated, which makes the skin feel tight and dry.

Winter makes your skin more sensitive.
When the weather is colder, it can make skin even more sensitive than usual. So, extra care needs to be taken when you're exposed to harsh winds or cold temperatures.

Winter can cause your skin to tell you it needs some extra TLC!
When your skin is more dehydrated than usual, it can lead to dry patches and flaky skin. Your skin will start to feel itchy and may get a bit red.

Winter can make your skin break out!
When the air is dry, it can lead to a buildup of bacteria on the skin, which can cause breakouts. Be sure to wash your face often with Cobalt's Invigorate Face Wash to keep skin clear. 

Winter is almost here, and there's no better time to prepare your skin but now. Be sure to use extra moisturizer during the winter months and drink more water than usual to keep your skin hydrated and keep the skin irritations down to a minimum.


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