Bundle Up, Gentlemen

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Bundle Up, Gentlemen

Bundle up! And we're not talking about winter gear! Winter is technically over, and temperatures are on the rise. With summer around the corner, it's time to protect your skin and snag our Summer Skincare Bundle while it's on sale! We’ve made things simple and included our three best sellers, bundled together to keep your skin healthy while enjoying warmer temperatures outdoors. Rob Lowe created Cobalt, the no-nonsense skincare product line for men that actually works, is affordable, and supports an active lifestyle while giving back to charity.

Included in the bundle are your favorites:

  • Face Moisturizer With SPF 30
  • Power Wash Hair & Body
  • Invigorate Face Wash

As part of a healthy skincare routine, moisturizer and SPF are key! Cobalt's face moisturizer with SPF 30 is all-natural & chemical-free. This mineral-based sunscreen is kind to your sensitive skin, and our SPF 30 face moisturizer helps protect skin from the adverse effects of the sun's harmful rays & fights premature aging! As many of you know, sun damage is one of the top three reasons for premature aging. Cover up and slow down the hands of time. We imagine you're in no rush to have aged-looking skin.

Second up in our bundle is our Invigorate face wash. Packed with good-for-you ingredients, this face wash reduces the signs of daily skin struggles and environmental aggressors. It’s a Yes for this goodness! Many men are constantly on the go, and busy days and nights can wreak havoc on a man's skin. Start and end your day with a face wash that works hard for you!

The third must-have product that's a part of the Summer Skincare Bundle is the Power Wash Hair & Body! Refresh your shower experience and see what this 2 in 1 is all about. Using a product that kills two birds with one stone is a bonus! Cobalt's Power Wash Hair & Body never sacrifices quality or results and gives you a full-body renewal in one product!

Strike while the irons hot and take advantage of our Summer Skincare Bundle! Whether you purchase the bundle or just one of our favorites, we know you'll be hooked! Let Cobalt skincare be your holy grail men's line that rescues your skin in ways you never imagined. This bundle is for you, gentlemen; don't miss out! This fantastic line was created to maintain, nourish and protect the skin, no matter where you are on your skincare journey.

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