Benefits Of Using a Face Scrub

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Benefits Of Using a Face Scrub


Is it just me, or has it been extra hot this summer? With the extra heat and more time outdoors, our skin is paying the price, or should we say our pores? Using an exfoliator is key to keeping our skin looking its best and washing away dead skin cells. So whether you love or want to avoid the idea, it's in your best interest to use one.

  • While washing your face twice a day may seem sufficient, you should also be incorporating a face scrub into your routine once or twice a week. Physical exfoliants, like the Revitalize Face Scrub, are simple and effective ways to improve the texture and clarity of our skin, which also helps it absorb your moisturizer more readily. In addition, the dead skin cells that build up are making your skin look dull and try, so reach for the scrub.
  • Your newly added exfoliator, Wink Wink, is helping fight signs of aging. How? Well, by encouraging new cell turnover. Unfortunately, as we get older, the process for skin regeneration slows down. So, our advice, let's do what we can to fight the signs of aging.
  • Face scrubs work to break down dead and dry skin while smoothing out its texture. Little by little, you'll notice the appearance of dark spots and acne scars fading, and your skin will look more uniform over time.
  • When you take the time to apply your skincare products, you expect them to work. If you're not exfoliating and have layers of dead skin on your face, you're making it more difficult for your skincare to penetrate. By using a face scrub, you're helping your products work to the best of their ability, and that's the point.

 An exfoliator is a must add to your skincare routine and an essential part of keeping your skin looking its best. Brimming with vitamins, probiotics, and activated charcoal, the Revitalize Face Scrub will leave your skin looking its best, revitalized and is a perfect option for sensitive skin. In addition, the activated charcoal draws bacteria and dirt from your skin, and the pro-vitamin B5 regenerates skin cells. With benefits like this, your next step should be to "Add to Cart."


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