Acne-Prone Skin In Men- and How To Deal With It

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Acne-Prone Skin In Men- and How To Deal With It

More men are seeking skincare help over the years, and their most common concerns are breakouts and dull skin. I'm sure you thought acne isn't something you would deal with past your teenage years, right? For some men, that's true; for others, it follows them into adulthood. Many products for adult acne are focused on women, yet male acne is a common issue. Cobalt has created an Acne Control Face Wash with the active man in mind. Thank you, Rob Lowe and Target, for making it so accessible.

Similar to women, men have fluctuating hormone levels that are also to blame for adult acne. It's generally known that men tend to have oilier skin and larger pores. Unfortunately, this means bouts of acne that tend to be deeper and more intense—sorry, fellas. Keep in mind that skin gets more sensitive as we age, so it's best to avoid irritating ingredients. Cobalt is the perfect skincare line to tackle these concerns as it's curated with the finest non-toxic ingredients with your skin's health in mind. Rest assured, knowing your skin is in good hands. It's best to look for formulas that boost hydration which can help keep acne under control as well, and Cobalt is our go-to! Following your face wash, the Recharge Face Moisturizer is an excellent option that hydrates, firms, and brightens your skin to help with dullness which is another concern for men.

A few factors cause unwanted acne, including excess oil and a buildup of dead skin cells. That's a slight problem for the active man that works out since excess oil builds up on the skin. The dirt left behind from a tough workout can lead to unwanted blemishes and acne.

Cobalt's acne face wash uses key ingredients that effectively reduce acne's appearance while not stripping the skin's lipid barrier that helps fight against future breakouts. The Acne Control Face Wash is a must-have to control and manage adult acne. It's a spa-like experience in a tube.

For the record, acne isn't just caused by dirty skin, but a good skincare routine can indeed help fight against future breakouts and keep you looking your best. The Acne Control Face Wash was created with quality ingredients that work wonders for your skin. It's the perfect addition to your skincare routine, from protecting against aging to evening out skin tone, healing scars, and providing a skin barrier against irritation. The entire Cobalt line is toxin-free and designed to keep your skin in the game while looking and feeling your personal best. Always stay stocked up on your must-have skincare products to keep your skin clear and stay looking as youthful as ever.

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